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Newsletter 12: A Legacy of Hope

A legacy of hope

In speaking about an inheritance vs a legacy – Mark Batterson in his book Chase the Lion, says that an inheritance is what you leave for someone – and a legacy is what you leave in someone.  He goes further to say that legacy isn\’t measured by what you accomplish during your lifespan, but by the lives affected by your life long after you are gone.

In our Feb 2016 newsletter we spoke about wanting to make education a priority for ourselves and our crafters\’ children – through offering financial support and higher education bursaries.  Although it is not quite yet a reality, we have actively started looking at different savings and investment tools available. We believe that education is a great equalizer and key in leaving a legacy of hope for generations to come. Not only that, but it will build a culture of saving in us as a company to ensure growth and sustainability.

Heritage Month

September is Heritage Month in South Africa, wherein we celebrate the rich cultural diversity of our Rainbow Nation.  Even though at times it seems like we are poles apart, we need to remind ourselves of our true national identity and never forget the legacy that is ours to embrace.

In the words of internationally acclaimed local actress, Terry Pheto – \”we need to see ourselves the way the world sees us. What makes us great is all our different diverse little pieces.  Some of them are cracked and some are broken and some are beautiful, but they make us great.\”

We\’ve added some new traditional accessories on our website and we are loving the interest they are generating. The earrings are bold, daring and colourful.

Nandipha wears a traditional Zulu Choker (Intshebe meaning beard) necklace with beaded round earrings – available online

Hilton Arts Festival

This month we head-off to one of my favourite parts of the country – the Midlands Meander – to the Hilton Arts Festival for a crafts exhibition on the 15th-17th September.  If you are in that part of the country, do come through and we look forward to meeting you.

Happy Heritage Month!

Till next month,

Nomaswazi Tinus
Founder & Director
African Mamas Crafts

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